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Pool Features | Luxury Pool and Outdoor Living Space Builders

Transform your plans for a new luxury pool into a sensation with custom pool features brought to you by Katy Prairie Pools & Construction. With imagination and thoughtful design elements, your pool will stand out as a truly amazing showcase of your new outdoor living area. Learn how you may incorporate water features, lighting, spa spillways and more into your outstanding custom swimming pool design. Consult with our award-winning design team to transform your ideas and concepts for your new pool into an outstanding swimming pool that complements your entire outdoor living space and landscape.

We offer many custom pool features, including:

  • Rock Waterfalls
  • Weeping Walls
  • Slides
  • Diving Rocks
  • Gushers
  • Pencil Jets
  • Scuppers
  • Sheer Descent
  • Grottos
  • Firepits
  • Fire Bowls
  • Water Bowls
  • Pool Bars & Tables
  • Splash Pads
  • Tanning Shelves
  • Spillways
  • Streams
  • Beach Entries
  • French Drains
  • Pebble Finishes
  • Fountains
  • Spools
  • Raised Spas / Hot Tubs
  • And more!

Modern Pool Features Accentuate Your New Pool Environment

When planning your new custom pool, it’s time to get inspired by the many new pool features available to accentuate your swimming pool and spa. Our pool design team is dedicated to working closely with our clients to design and build the perfect dream custom swimming pools and outdoor living spaces, Katy Prairie Pools & Construction will make your new custom pool uniquely yours.

Pool Water Features

Add flowing water features into the design of your new custom luxury swimming pool. Water features include a water wall, rain curtain, sheer descent, bubblers, deck jets, stream-shooting statuary, fountains and more.

Pool Lighting

Nothing adds intrigue and beauty to a swimming at night than above-ground and submerged pool lighting. Top pool lighting features include pool deck lighting, water feature lighting and underwater multi-colored LEDs—all of which can be controlled remotely, timers, daylight sensors and by smart devices.

Infinity Pools

A popular trend in swimming pool design—an infinity pool, also known as an infinite edge pool, negative edge pool or vanishing edge pool, incorporates a linear edge that allows water to flow over it, creating the illusion of the swimming pool stretching to infinity or to the horizon.

Spa Spillways

A spa spillway or spillover spa is elevated above the pool, allowing water to flow into the swimming pool. The open section of the spa or in-ground hot tub is a channel that permits the water to pass through, spilling or trickling into the pool, providing attractive sights and sounds of moving water in the pool environment.

Pool Automation

Swimming pool and spa automation provides manual maintenance-free operation of essential back-end functions of operating and maintaining a pool—the cleaning, filtration, pH balancing, and sanitizing functions of the pool equipment. Pool automation also allows convenient control of operation of pool features such as lighting and water features via a smartphone or voice-activated smart speaker.

Pool Cleaning Systems

Choose among several modern pool cleaning systems, including sand, cartridge and D.E. Filter systems with pool pumps to keep your pool water crystal clear, fresh and clean. Choose from traditional chlorine or salt water purification systems. Plus, select from in-floor pool cleaning systems or robotic pool vacuum cleaners, automatic suction vacuums, pressure pool vacuums.

Pool Features for Custom Luxury Pools

Connect with the experienced swimming pool design team at Katy Prairie Pools & Construction to design and build modern pool features into your new custom luxury pool in your Katy, Texas, home. We offer more and deliver better than any other pool builder:

  • Award-winning custom pool design and construction
  • Integrate complete backyard transformation package, including luxury pool construction, outdoor living space and landscaping
  • Dedicated project manager on call seven days a week for your project
  • Highly skilled, experienced and courteous work crew
  • Meticulous care in protecting existing features of the property during construction
  • Free design consultation and detailed estimates, including time frame and completion date
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